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Why does saddleberk taste better?

Saddleberk farms Berkshire pork is a heritage breed, that produces a darker, more marbled meat, with higher a moisture content and more tender texture than conventional breeds of pig.


Why is saddleberk pork darker than other pork?

Saddleberk farms Berkshire pork has a dark red hue, similar to that of beef, due to its innately high PH content. High PH levels are directly correlated to moisture retention and meat tenderness.


How do i know my pork is cooked properly?

We suggest cooking Ohio proud Saddleberk Berkshire pork to an internal temperature of 145 degrees with a 3 minute rest period after cooking. For more details please go to:


Where are saddleberk pigs born and raised?

Saddleberk farms primary location is just outside the small town of Urbana, Ohio. See Our Farm page for more information.


Do you use hormones in your pigs?

Saddleberk farms never use hormones in growing pigs.  *Federal law prohibits the use of hormones in pig production.


Do you use Ractopamine or antibiotics for growth promotion?

Saddleberk farms never use Ractopamine or antibiotics for growth promotion.  Antibiotics are used only as advised by a veterinarian for the treatment or prevention of disease.


What do saddleberk berkshire pigs eat?

A pig’s diet is called a ration. Nutritionist's carefully develop rations based on the age, size and nutrient requirements of the pigs. Saddleberk pigs eat a diet that consists primarily of ground up corn and soybeans, with some added trace vitamins and minerals.


Are the pigs ever treated with antibiotics?

Yes, Saddleberk farms believe in an individual care method of antibiotic treatment. Much as you would take care of yourself, we treat our pigs only when necessary, with FDA approved medications.


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