From Our Farm to Your Table

Saddleberk is always the freshest pork you can get- and the best part is, it’s incredibly tasty too!

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The Farm

Saddleberk pigs are raised on small Ohio family farms where they are bred, born, and grow to market weight. Pigs are looked after daily, receive special rations, and live with other pigs their size in comfortable group housing. A pig will spend 6-7 months growing and reaching maturity before they are harvested.

Harvest facility and processing plant

Although it’s not the most romantic part of this story, a good harvest facility is crucial to the success of a market hog farm. Our harvest partners are USDA certified and conform to all humane regulations to help our pigs meet their ultimate purpose. At this point, meat is cut up into primals and vacuum packaged for stores to receive within the week. Our signature sausages are made here as well, and are also sent to stores (although for safety and a longer self-life, our sausage is frozen).

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The Retailer

Our products are sold in many Kroger stores in Ohio, and our list of independent retailers grows almost daily. You can be sure when you pick up Saddleberk on the shelf of one of these select grocers that it is fresh and delicious. It’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll find another brand of pork that was sent to harvest on Monday, processed on Tuesday, and in your hands by Friday in store. We think that makes us special and we don’t care who knows it.

Our careful farm to table process helps us give you a difference you can taste!