It all began with the idea that fresh pork could actually be a delicious eating experience.

Not the pork you were used to. Dry. Tough. Flavorless.

Not something you had to cover in marinade or seasoning salt to be edible.

But delicious. Full of rich flavor. You could compare it to a steak and find that it was just as good or better. An entree you’d actually want to order from a restaurant.

We knew we wanted the absolute best. We started the search. We did the leg work on the best breeds of pigs for meat quality. We researched what made them great. And we found the Berkshire pig.

Berkshire’s are the oldest purebred breed of pig in the world. Their pedigree helps guarantee an older style of pork flavor. They are harder to raise and grow slowly- giving them plenty of time to develop a dark, tender, juicy meat that makes for the finest eating pork you’ll ever have. It ranks number one among pig breeds for 19 of 23 measures of pork quality. Talk about the Top Hog.

We take care to raise our pigs up a little differently as well, using the best practices we can that still allow our pigs to be pigs. All of our pigs are raised in an environment with access to fresh air, sunshine, and wholesome food.

Combining the best pork and the best care standards makes Saddleberk Berkshire the finest eating, freshest pork you can buy. Our pigs grow up happy and healthy-

and we think that makes a difference you can taste!




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