We’re Ohio people growing the best Ohio pork

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the highest quality Berkshire pork using proven production methods that ensure animal health and welfare, produce tender and wholesome pork, promote worker safety, and respect the environment in which we live.  We strive to ensure the survival of the family farm by using scientifically proven methods while responding to the unique desires of today’s consumer.

Saddleberk is a small business of experienced folks from all sectors of the pork industry come together to bring you the highest quality product. As we grow, we plan to work with a network of small family farms to allow them a sustainable business model of success, raising our Saddleberk pigs. 

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inside tour of one of our farms


Pork Quality Assurance Certified:   http://www.pork.org/pqa-plus-certification/

Transportation Quality Assurance Certified:   http://www.pork.org/tqa-certification/

Proven Berkshire Heritage, Breeding Stock Registered with the American Berkshire Association:, http://americanberkshire.com/